Education With Values

Dr. Savita Memorial Global Academy is committed to the development of young minds into knowledgeable, confident, successful and responsible global citizens.

OUR AIM - In the beginning the school will run class from I to class – X but in near future with your valued co –operation , our gradual effort would be to give a new dimension to the school. Today we make simply a humble request to provide us a chance to import modern and value based education to your children necessary to embellish their talent.

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About School

Dr. Savita Memorial Global Academy has been established in the academic year 2005-06 and is being managed by "Dr. Savita Memorial Charitable Trust" to cater the eductional need of the childrn. it is a co-ed itstitiute with English as the medium of instruction.The school believes in providing holistic education not only in theory but in practice also. The school os affiliated to CBSE,New Delhi and NCERT published books are introduced form class VI to onward.

We want our children to imbibe moral values in life. At present the rapid change in technology and accelerated pace ofprivatization and liberalization created a new sense of uncertainty about the future in society. Thus education should respond meaningfully and effectively to address the crucial academic burning issues.

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Dr. Savita Memorial Global Academy has all the facilities required for modern and qualitative education.


Computer literacy program is designed from class VI onward. It is used as an effective tool in the teaching-learning process for both students and teachers.


The school library has a rich collection of books. The library subscribes various English, and Hindi News Papers. Library provides various magazines, reference books etc.


There are adequate safety measures like CCTV cameras and fire extinguishers placed in the school building. Each floor has four exit points. school has a sick room for general treatment of the students.


The School has spacious and technology enabled classrooms with interactive boards and LCD projectors to facilitate effective teaching – learning outcomes.


“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body “To keep this truth, there is lush green play ground, fit for outdoor games with qualified & experienced coach, a hall for students facilitating indoor games.


A conducive learning climate has been created at School so that the faculty and students develop a healthy culture of an interpersonal interaction as they work in close cooperation with each other.

From the Director’s Desk

Dr. Savita Memorial Global Academy is a dream school! It is trying to translate a dream and an ideal into reality. The dream is of a resurgent India, which can bring back the glory of ancient India, where material, intellectual and spiritual advancement went hand-in-hand in the olden days. “ But where are we now? “ We are a nation of 850 million struggling for existence. Many are very pessimistic about a revival for India. I beg to differ from them! India can have a glorious future if only we find out all that is good in our past and put into practice at least one idea of any one of those eminent men of ours. This is one of the things Vivekananda said among hundreds of things, “ Take up an idea, think of it , dream if it , let all your veins, brains and muscles be full with that idea and just forget all other ideas; success will be yours!” Let me say, out future is assured. Yes, a glorious future is assured. Yes, a glorious future is assured, if we have the will to do it!

We realize India’s future is being molded in India’s classrooms. And we are trying to create excellence in our class-rooms. Every boy and girl has to show his or her excellence in the classrooms, activity rooms or play grounds. For this we offer a lot of curricular activities. Every year we add more facilities.